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Snow Report

Snow fall – evening August 22, 2008

Why does it seem to only snow at night?  It’s a great experience to drive in a snow storm, but it would be great to see more than just what the headlights expose.
The weather chart pundits were predicting a big dump of snow for the Northern Tablelands on Friday evening, August 22, but the BOM stuck to “showers”.  It looked like the cold air/southerly system might fizzle out, but late in the day there was ice in the rain and even a very brief burst of small hail.  Around 10.00pm, along with a rather fierce wind, came some snow and sleet for about half an hour.  Then the clouds cleared away to a starry sky.
Of course it was midnight when it really started to snow! One does not have to be silly to extract oneself from a warm, cosy bed in the middle of the night but it was worth it. 
The snow fall was very heavy, settled to about 3cm and lasted for at least 3 hours (you guessed it – that’s when I went back home to bed).
Observing some cars driving around this morning (Saturday, August 23) there must have been heavier falls west of Guyra because that car was completed covered in snow and there have been a number of others with snow still on them.  The snow in town has now completely melted with only patches in shade still remaining (9.30am).


Snow Fall - July 9, 2008




A strong cold front and upper level cold pool passed through the region bringing light snow showers in the morning, and heavier snow showers in the afternoon from around 2.30 to 6pm.
By late afternoon snow was 8 cms deep on the ground where it remained until late the following morning when it melted.
Temperatures were very low on Wednesday, 9th. The 9am temp was -1.0C with a wind chill temp of -14C. At 3pm the temp was 0.0C and the wind chill temp -5C.
The maximum for the day was just 1.8C which was the lowest for any month since August 19, 1996 when it was 1.6C during a day of snowfalls.
The July 9, 2008 snowfalls were widespread along the Northern Tablelands with falls from Hanging Rock in the south to Tenterfield in the north.